Face It: Artist's Portraits
at The Carl Cherry Center


Song of Artemis
Oil on wood panel

Face It: Artists’ Portraits opens on Friday, January 14, 2022. The focus is on portraits by artists: self-portraits, portraits of someone important to them, a spirit animal–whatever matters to them. The 21 artists represented work in a number of different styles and media, from abstraction to realism, painting, photography, printmaking and mixed media.


An outdoor, closing reception, free and open to all, is scheduled for Saturday, February 19, in the Cherry Center courtyard.


Curated by Martha Manson, the exhibit includes artwork by Aki Ouye, Karen Nagano, Rick Deragon, Denese Sanders, Meg Biddle, Marcia Perry, Huntington Witherill, Martha Casanave, Jose Ortiz, Kimm Barnes, Paul Richmond, Noro Partido, Will Bullas, Robin Winfield, Andrea Johnson, Jan Wagstaff, Jerry Takigawa, Pamela Takigawa, Karen Warwick, Don Hughes, Mary Hill, Pamela Carroll, and Ellen Gust.

You Can’t Quarantine Creativity
Sunset Center 
Marjorie Evans Gallery
Carmel, California
September 24 – December 1, 2020


Oil on wood panel

Fashion Revolution
Virtual Fashion Show

Slowfiber Invites Makers and Menders for  Virtual Fashion Show

April 19 - 25, 2021

All Monterey County Residents and Slowfiber customers who care about social justice and environmental rights have an opportunity to participate in Fashion Revolution's fashion week in a Virtual Fashion Show. Fashion Revolution was founded in response to the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse to honor the victims of this horrific event, to advocate for the garment workers, and to promote environmental protections. The garment industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet! This year Slowfiber will participate in Fashion Revolutions fashion week with a Virtual Fashion Show.  Knitters, menders and makers of all ages and all levels of skill are welcome to submit their creative work.  Prizes will be awarded based on the item and the story behind it, whether you are a beginner or experienced garment maker. Our goal is to feature local creativity and the human stories that underlie creative work. It is a free event. 

Arts Habitat Open Studio
Tour Exhibition at the Pacific Grove Art Center

568 Lighthouse Avenue
Open Wed - Sat, 12 - 5 PM and Sun, 12 - 4 PM • Closed Mon. and Tues.

Pacific Grove Art Center will feature artists registered for the 2020 Studio Tour in a special four-week exhibit starting Friday, April 3 and ending Thursday, April 23rd. There will be a reception to commemorate the exhibit opening on April 3rd. 

Hope & Urgency
Pop-Up Art Exhibition
at The Smoking Gun

San Francisco, California
Hosted by the Sunrise Movement

Friday-Sunday, September 6-9, 2019

Sunrise Movement is a united effort that acts locally and globally to halt the Climate Crisis. For more information on how you can participate in the greatest international movement of our times, please visit sunrisemovement.org 

Time Flies
at The Dali Expo

Exhibition Flyer

Dali flyer.JPG

Time Flies        

Press release    July 10, 2019

Monterey, CA - July 9, 2019 - The Dali Expo in Monterey will showcase new work by local artist Karen Warwick throughout the month of August. The exhibition, "Time Flies," includes three bodies of work: "Kronos" a multimedia interactive time & energy capsule, "Time Flies", a series of paper collages, and "Around the World with KittyBoy,"  a collection oil paintings.  All together, the art creates a sensual and intellectual experience that connects time, energy, and the environment.

"Kronos" is the collaboration of artist Edward M. Corpus and Ms. Warwick. Simply stated, it is a multimedia interactive time and energy capsule.  Visitors step through the hatch door of "Kronos, sit back into a racing seat, check dials, adjust steering wheel, and and begin pedaling.  When pedaling produces enough electric current, a stimulating multimedia event is powered. Simultaneously, the relationship between mechanical and electric energy is experienced with a surprising time-bending twist.  

The paper collages,"Time Flies," entice with vivid imagery and bold messaging especially with respect to time and the urgency of climate disruption. Today, people all around the world experience the current and impending effects of global climate disruption. Yet despite this awareness, reluctance or incapacity to respond is widespread, whether "in the nick of time" or " while there's still time," or if at all. "Time Flies" uses vibrant imagery to provoke thinking about time and the urgency of climate disruption. 

For global travelers, "Around the World with KittyBoy" is a natural tour guide. Based on the real imaginary travels of the artist's cat, this collection of oil paintings depicts the adventures of KittyBoy to exotic and famous, ancient and modern landmarks of the world. From Mt. Kilimanjaro to Machu Picchu, KittyBoy invites visitors to share in his colorful view of the world. 

This  exhibition is on display throughout August at The Dali Expo in Monterey.  The Opening Reception will be Saturday, August 3 from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. The evening reception includes refreshments. Ticket discounts are available for seniors, educators, military, students, and fire and police personnel. Children under age 5 are free. Ages 6-17, tickets are $5. For 1/2 price general admission tickets throughout August, please visit WarwickArtandBooks.com for general admission passcode.

Time Flies
Time and Ticket information

The opening reception for "Time Flies" takes place on Saturday, August 3, 2019 from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm. The evening reception will include refreshments.  The Dali Expo is located at 5 Custom House Plaza in beautiful downtown Monterey, California. Ticket discounts are available for seniors, educators, military, students, and fire and police personnel. Ages 6-17, tickets are $5. For 1/2 price general admission tickets throughout August, please use passcode: KittyBoy